I'm glad our paths are crossing. I'm passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity and I hope you'll find some inspiration here. Waves of change are forcing us to redefine our places in the world. Real assets are changing - the affordability of housing, the impact technology has on office use, and the general scarcity of open land all feed into how we occupy and own things. Where we work is transitioning from bricks to clicks. Understanding the relationship beyond real assets is paramount to understanding the impact technology is having on ownership. Virtual assets like intellectual property, digital collectibles, domain names, and NFTs play an important role in our future. Let's not forget the social responsibilities that bind ownership like agency, responsibility, respect, safety, maintenance, and equitable access. This is about the convergence of traditional finance and modern risk and compliance in the new world of globalism and decentralized currencies. In a word, this is about ownership.

I am taking 24 years of entrepreneurship, combining it with 20 years of commercial real estate experience, and applying it to my years-long research of the tools that will bridge us into digital ownership.


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One of my mottos has always been #bettertogether and I'm here for that. I believe the difference between creativity and innovation is our ability to get things done - and it takes a village. I hope you'll join us so we can build this together.