We explore with compasses, not maps - and we explore together.

I, for one, am tired of the endless YouTube videos of subject-matter experts spouting their success stories and begging for likes. The vanity metrics only help one person - the influencer, the sage-on-the-stage. During VUCA times (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) we need to drill down into the problems to better understand the systems at work. We have to go past what we see. We have to focus on outcomes over engagement.

I'm Chris, and I want to be your career coach. I am dedicated to helping people like you navigate the complex industry of commercial real estate. Let me be your guide-on-the-side. Here's my LinkedIn Profile.

Why choose me?

    • Entrepreneurial Background: With 25 years of experience, I've opened, closed, sold, failed, won, and survived life with 7 different businesses. I've owned, rented, sold, foreclosed, developed, and restored all asset types of real estate.
    • Industry Expertise: For the last 20 years, I have been fortunate to think alongside and work with some of the world's best companies. The future has to be built; it can't be bought.
    • Human-Centric Design: "I advocate for human-centric design in the workplace, believing that the built environment plays a crucial role in professional success, after considering human and technological factors."
    • Sustainable Practice: I believe we can be both pro-business and pro-earth at the same time. When we talk about sustainability, we'll start with by discussing consumption.

How Can I Help?

    • Career Planning: "Let's map out a clear and achievable career path tailored to your goals."
    • Resume and LinkedIn Optimization: "Craft your human story and update your LinkedIn profile so that it stands out."
    • Interview Coaching: "Prepare for interviews with confidence and poise."
    • Job Search Strategies: "Learn effective techniques to find and secure your next." Many of the best opportunities are off-market.
    • Career Transition Support: "Smooth transitions between roles or industries with personalized guidance."
    • New Founder Coaching: "Support and mentorship for those looking to start their own businesses."

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Design, sales, development, project management, brokerage, technology, employee experience, investment, entrepreneurship - let's explore together to find your best fit.



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    • I learned to stop taking advice, guidance, or direction from people still inside their comfort zone – and it’s made all the difference in the world.

      Change is hard; walking away from everything you've worked for - everything society told you was required - is even harder. Starting a business on nothing but an idea felt impossible. So impossible that I delayed my decision by about 6 months.

      Once I finally decided to jump off the corporate ladder, I had no map, no one around me, no idea what to do next. This is where your tribe comes in - the individuals who have been bruised and battered from taking that same leap of faith before you.

      When I left my corporate role to pursue an unconventional path, I knew I needed a tribe. I had landed slightly bruised but utterly lost. In a moment of doubt, I reached out to Chris Moeller - someone I trusted, someone who had walked this path before me. My vulnerable text read: "I think I've made a mistake, I'm not sure I can do this."

      Instead of texting back, he called me within 20 seconds. Despite his incredibly busy schedule changing the world, he dropped everything for me in that vulnerable moment. That 8-minute call completely altered my trajectory. With just a few words, Chris talked me off the ledge. Then he made an offer whose impact I could never have foreseen:

      "Let me coach you. Why don't we meet every two weeks for 90 minutes? I do a lot of executive coaching, and I can help get your mind & business on track."

      Knowing the immense value of his time, I instinctively declined. But Chris insisted, eventually gave in.

      Every two weeks since then, he has shown up in profound ways. He holds me accountable, challenges my thinking, advises on everything from defining my ICP to shaping my services - actually building my business. Constantly applying pressure without judgment, never allowing self-doubt to creep back in.

      More importantly, Chris shows up in smaller but deeply impactful ways too. His perfectly timed texts reinforce that I'm not alone. His supportive comments remind me of the positive impact my work can have. He's flexible; understanding when I need to prioritize family over our call.

      Chris's coaching & business guidance is a big reason I've been able to keep moving Eledex Consulting forward. Having a coach who has been through this journey, building their own business in parallel, is more valuable than I ever imagined.

      Chris is fiercely loyal. Once aligned with your success, he becomes relentless in his support, unafraid to challenge your mindset & hold you accountable to a standard you may not have thought possible. My ability to truly make a difference and help more people is made possible largely due to the gift of Chris's coaching.

      One day, when I've made my way down this path, no longer limping from that initial leap, I'll honor Chris's gift. I'll turn around, eager to guide others who find themselves bruised & battered on the ground, extending the same support to them he provided me.