Crypto, Winter & Why

Crypto, Winter & Why

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Relating tech to nature - It’s what makes us human.

The world is abuzz about crypto markets - which is HILARIOUS because the $600B in market cap that has been erased pales in comparison to the $7Tn we’ve lost so far in the traditional markets. About 12% of Americans traded crypto this year, compared with about 60% who have a position in traditional markets. What’s more, most of those trading cryptos got into it for exploratory purposes with a small position. Meanwhile, the media is holding witch trials for all things decentralized as Aunt Betty’s state pension plan continues to bleed. There’s so much more at stake in traditional markets.

We are not saying people didn’t get wiped out - we’re just pointing out that decentralized finance, specifically crypto trading, is highly exploratory and very entrepreneurial in nature. At this point, it probably wouldn’t be wise to stake your retirement plan WEHT or WBTC…..or would it?

We don’t offer financial advice. Heck, we don’t even work in the industry of money….but we’re entrepreneurs, armed with ideas and creativity. We recognize opportunities and tend to see things with excitement and energy. Above all, we can separate the noise from the news and seek trends before they are trends. Maybe a crypto winter is exactly what we need.

Farmers Love Winter

You don’t have to look far on a farm to see the benefit of deep freeze. Killing insects and pathogens is a HUGE part of the spring and summer crops and the autumn harvest. This article in the Grist mentions Stuart’s Wilt - a bacterium causing disease that overwinters in a flea beetle that feeds on corn. If that deep cold doesn’t come, an outbreak of Stewart’s Wilt can mean smaller harvests, higher prices, and frustrated farmers.

Seasons For Reasons

A very common observation of web3 is that it moves so fast. When a system has global inputs, the scale and volume are nearly incomprehensible. Because of that rate of change, human logic responds with haste. Roots don’t have time to grow, and crops get overwatered and over-fertilized. We’ve heard it referred to as loving something to death.

Money, capitalism, and greed are the overwatering and over-fertilizing of these crops.

There are so many amazing tools in the web3 workshop. Distributed ledgers, smart contracts, utility tokens, horizontal structure, consensus mechanisms and on and on. The future is about more than currency. Although the exchange of consideration is required in any market transaction, so is trust. Maybe we need a cold winter and a warm fire to think about that.

h/t Photo by Alex Padurariu