Time & Work

Time & Work

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Last week, we touched on the edges of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Here it is in case you missed it. One of the most evident observations in web3 is the complete and utter disregard for time. The distributed aspect of global commerce means traditional activities happen 24/7/365. The global reach has global implications to the traditional 9-5 job, and this is why that matters.


There’s only so much we can do. We have our ‘traditional’ hours that we’ve sacrificed to the boss-lady, then we have our family hours which we’ve sacrificed to our social overlords. Since data is showing an upward trend on usage, where does that leave us in terms of getting things done?


RPA. Technically, it’s called Robotic Process Automation but that term is undergoing a total facelift by the marketeers. Newer, more friendly terms that apply to knowledge work are FLOW and personified AI - You are probably already friends with Siri and Alexa. Departments such as customer support, help-desk, and even marketing are adopting RPA and AI within their transition to a more automated experience.

People First.

There’s no substitute for human interaction….until your customer tells you they don’t care. Wait, what? Take for example the Big Mac ATM that debuted in Boston’s Kenmore Square in 2017. Sure, that turned out to be a publicity stunt, but companies like Moley Robotics and Omron Automation have fully baked divisions with terms like ‘human machine interface’ and ‘programmable logic controllers.’ Those terms aren’t going to be found in the soft and squishy side of HR -- that’s RPATech and it’s coming to make your next meal.


A good portion of customers just want their BigMac. Sure, they appreciate the smiling face taking the order or the lovely goodbye from the greeter as they hold the door…but what they really wanted was a simple transaction. Specifically, they wanted a hot, accurate order without a wait … and humans are proving that’s no longer a simple request. Transactional acceptance, coupled with wage increases and the soaring costs of HR training only exacerbate the problem. There’s a huge movement to food delivery via ghost kitchen - take a look at how virtual restaurant brands are being built at Tiffin or The Absolute.

So where does this leave us? Today it’s a digital brand that provides us food from a heavily automated ghost kitchen. We THINK it’s coming from our local restaurant. In terms of professional services, we’re seeing programmable smart contracts for gig-workers that allow for tracking and compensation. This type of work is becoming more liquid, contribution-based matching the exact need of the org with the most qualified candidate. The future is bright.

Photo Cred - Insung-Yoon; UnSplash